Being Happy

Happiness comes from less focus on you, more focus on others

  • What is it like to be happy?
  • What causes happiness?
  • Can you stand to be happy ?

Being happy is not 5 million dollars in the bank, owning your own company, dating a movie star, having the perfect haircut.

It is none of those things.

Happiness is based on lessening the focus on yourself more and more and increasingly putting it on others-there welfare.

Watch your mind and so how much of your day is taken up with ingrained habits of your own personal worries….over and over we rehash the same old worries-me me me me.

Just learning to live a less me centered life will alleviate so much of your suffering.

Soft mind, Soft weather

For about a week now, we've had unremitting for here on the coast of Maine. It may be 70 degrees or 80 degrees, yet the fog remains. Sometimes off in the Sound, other times here on my doorstep enveloping everything, dripping from the eaves.

In such a way I find my mind. Here it is mid-July, my plans were for kayaking, swimming in the Ocean, Ponds and Rivers that surround me, but the cooling fog has lessened my desire for being enveloped in liquids.

Likewise my mind, my fanciful, ever active mind has relaxed a bit.
A bit of perspective has occurred; the urgent running around has devolved into a savoring of what is.
I am a deeply passionate man and now I find myself deeply passionate about the 'PRESENT'.
Echoes of the past are ever present though now they are not quite as vivid.

Why, I can not say
Just that it has occurred.

Mindfulness and Passion

Us humans are not meant to be inert, joyless beings unavailable to the world around us: yet what is passion for us?

The world constantly radiates good, loving energy outward-that is its essence. How we experience this energy is ‘us’. Our many filters may not see it that way. Also being ever so human, we want to grab this energy for ourselves, go crazy with it, stuff our bellies with it, wash our hair in it, wear it as a trophy.

Yet we could simply receive this energy, let it nourish us and not try to own it or control it. If we develop faith that it is there, that it is the essence of our world we could relax and let it beam on us like the rising sun each day-we could have gratitude.

I have felt this gratitude in my life, a¬†first kiss, a deep embrace, a job successfully completed, an understanding deeply comprehended, music resonating deep in my heart, an authors words speaking to a interior longing. We are not meant to become junkies roaming about endlessly stuffing ourselves full of experiences so that we feel good about ourselves. I really don’t believe in bucket lists. We are meant to share, to give to others. We are not meant to be hoarders hanging all our trophies on the wall of our basement or all over our Facebook page, that is not real living.

It is my mind that I must work with; I must continually develop stability, confidence and faith in the buddhist teachings that I have been given.

When I am tired, lonely, upset I contract into my shell like a clam or an oyster until I am able to regain my balance.

That is the job, the essence to learn to stay open, clear, in the moment.

That terrific passion we experienced; it is meant to nourish us as it arose, to make up strong so that we might be a light unto others.

The buddhist teachings want us to see things as they are; without hope or fear. That want us to wake up and then to help others.