Being Happy

Happiness comes from less focus on you, more focus on others

  • What is it like to be happy?
  • What causes happiness?
  • Can you stand to be happy ?

Being happy is not 5 million dollars in the bank, owning your own company, dating a movie star, having the perfect haircut.

It is none of those things.

Happiness is based on lessening the focus on yourself more and more and increasingly putting it on others-there welfare.

Watch your mind and so how much of your day is taken up with ingrained habits of your own personal worries….over and over we rehash the same old worries-me me me me.

Just learning to live a less me centered life will alleviate so much of your suffering.

becalmed mindfulness

If you’re somewhat conscious, you can notice what your mind is doing or rather what you are letting your mind do. You are in charge after all.

IMG_0941there are times in our life when we are legitimately becalmed. It seems I have nothing to do or you have nothing to do.

Hurry up and wait


There is simply nothing to do.

So….what happens? Do you start entertaining yourself? Get on Instagram, check news sites, flip on the radio, check your email, messages?

If you’re somewhat conscious, you can notice what your mind is doing or rather what you are letting your mind do. You are in charge after all.

One Thing you could choose to do is experience the boredom, the nothing to do. Taste it. fee; the itchiness, the jumpiness

and not act on it

see how long you can go

five minutes

ten minutes

an hour


a day

a week

see what happens!


Soft mind, Soft weather

For about a week now, we've had unremitting for here on the coast of Maine. It may be 70 degrees or 80 degrees, yet the fog remains. Sometimes off in the Sound, other times here on my doorstep enveloping everything, dripping from the eaves.

In such a way I find my mind. Here it is mid-July, my plans were for kayaking, swimming in the Ocean, Ponds and Rivers that surround me, but the cooling fog has lessened my desire for being enveloped in liquids.

Likewise my mind, my fanciful, ever active mind has relaxed a bit.
A bit of perspective has occurred; the urgent running around has devolved into a savoring of what is.
I am a deeply passionate man and now I find myself deeply passionate about the 'PRESENT'.
Echoes of the past are ever present though now they are not quite as vivid.

Why, I can not say
Just that it has occurred.

Taking care of Depression

I have chronic depression. I have probably had it most of my life. It wasn’t treated until about ten years ago!

What a change a treatment has made!

After all those years, I have a vibrant and rich life. It is not all roses and cherries, but it is like a heavy gray veil was lifted from my mind! I did not know that I could see things so much more clearly, feel them so deeply, be so much more in control of my life, but wow, it happened.

So yes, I have it and yes mine is treatable.




Fourth of July, Independence

What does ‘Independence’ mean?

What does personal independence mean?

As we grow into ourselves what does true independence in ones life mean ?

How do we live our lives with others,  care for them, yet remain ourselves?

As a Buddhist, I work to develop tremendous compassion for others, yet I will not sacrifice my beliefs or my life for them, or perhaps putting it differently, I have not come up against an individual who warrants such a sacrifice.

Today my stomach is upset, yet my life is very, very good. All of my needs are more than met they are exceeded. The day is sunny and bright, birds are singing, all of my senses are working, ospreys fly high overhead carrying fish-a wonderful sight. My mind is strong and healthy. I live consciously, not just a robot mindlessly living through my day, not just reacting to the things around me.

I am able to see that much that I feel to be reality is actually an illusion.

At Damariscotta River Association

This morning, early

I was surprised by a turkey booming out of a thick hedge of wild roses

Yelling ‘Get away!’  until I could tell what this large rustling noise,

this exploding brown mass heading right at me


Poor startled turkey did an abrupt 180 turn in the air

and flapped off into the trees.

At the Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder the alewives were just beginning to work their way up the ladder a pool or two.

In the pool before,  gulls, comorants and fish hawks circled and dove for the beginnings of the fishy feast

Back at the DRA, a pair of nesting kingfishers were searching for smaller fare.

Bobolinks chortled away in the tree tops then disappeared into the taller grasses in the field.

These arrivals fill me with a pleasant joy of this ongoing season of Spring.

Man discovers life can begin again!

Life can begin again!

Every drop of my life is precious!

In my beginning 60’s I had a very great dissatisfaction with how my life was going! Yet through very deep listening to my heart, my essence, effort and hard but good, necessary choices I am beginning to find a thorough satisfaction in my life, my daily living.​