Boredom/Not Busy

It is still fairly difficult for me to choose to not to be ‘busy’.

To experience not filling my life with activities. This does not mean being lazy. I have things I should be doing like photography, care are, exercise or writing. Those activities require discipline on my part.

Business frequently does not. I could look at hotels in cities I would like to visit, I could endlessly read fictional novels of all sorts. I could browse my favorite outdoor clothing website and so on and so forth.

On the other side, we are not required to be a workaholic.

We can be spacious, we can experience ‘nothing to do’ and do nothing. Waiting in line at the checkout can be just that. We don’t need to check emails, read magazines or choose a candy bar.

Can you let your mind rest?


In Winter

In Winter, I find a hunger to be full in all this bleakness, this gray.

Outside the resident Canadian geese paddle along selecting the which grassy lawn they will graze on today.

At night, across the harbor, Christmas lights beckon from picture windows, one set is deep blue.

Amaryllis bulbs showing the beginning of spears

Red Lion it is called.

I feel the hunger of a Red Lion in Winter.

My appetite has been whetted, my jaws are open.

Being Here

For a while I was lost,at sea, metaphorically.

Feeling better

Just seeing that I was adrift is great!

Late Fall is here. I have the wood stove going and it is working great.

I have a beautiful woman as my girlfriend, she is very challenging in a good way and brings me much joy.

I’m very thankful for her.

My living situation is a bit up in the air, yet new life actually beckons and calls me forth.

New adventures in discovering who I actually am.

There is goodness, boredom, regrets.

All of it, all over the place, yet I want to live fully and well.

I hate boredom and loneliness, yet it is a very real part of life

Writing is very important to me, it is one of the ways that I find myself, discover myself, create myself

So I will do so, as I see fit.

Being Happy

Happiness comes from less focus on you, more focus on others

  • What is it like to be happy?
  • What causes happiness?
  • Can you stand to be happy ?

Being happy is not 5 million dollars in the bank, owning your own company, dating a movie star, having the perfect haircut.

It is none of those things.

Happiness is based on lessening the focus on yourself more and more and increasingly putting it on others-there welfare.

Watch your mind and so how much of your day is taken up with ingrained habits of your own personal worries….over and over we rehash the same old worries-me me me me.

Just learning to live a less me centered life will alleviate so much of your suffering.

becalmed mindfulness

If you’re somewhat conscious, you can notice what your mind is doing or rather what you are letting your mind do. You are in charge after all.

IMG_0941there are times in our life when we are legitimately becalmed. It seems I have nothing to do or you have nothing to do.

Hurry up and wait


There is simply nothing to do.

So….what happens? Do you start entertaining yourself? Get on Instagram, check news sites, flip on the radio, check your email, messages?

If you’re somewhat conscious, you can notice what your mind is doing or rather what you are letting your mind do. You are in charge after all.

One Thing you could choose to do is experience the boredom, the nothing to do. Taste it. fee; the itchiness, the jumpiness

and not act on it

see how long you can go

five minutes

ten minutes

an hour


a day

a week

see what happens!


Soft mind, Soft weather

For about a week now, we've had unremitting for here on the coast of Maine. It may be 70 degrees or 80 degrees, yet the fog remains. Sometimes off in the Sound, other times here on my doorstep enveloping everything, dripping from the eaves.

In such a way I find my mind. Here it is mid-July, my plans were for kayaking, swimming in the Ocean, Ponds and Rivers that surround me, but the cooling fog has lessened my desire for being enveloped in liquids.

Likewise my mind, my fanciful, ever active mind has relaxed a bit.
A bit of perspective has occurred; the urgent running around has devolved into a savoring of what is.
I am a deeply passionate man and now I find myself deeply passionate about the 'PRESENT'.
Echoes of the past are ever present though now they are not quite as vivid.

Why, I can not say
Just that it has occurred.