Boredom/Not Busy

It is still fairly difficult for me to choose to not to be ‘busy’.

To experience not filling my life with activities. This does not mean being lazy. I have things I should be doing like photography, care are, exercise or writing. Those activities require discipline on my part.

Business frequently does not. I could look at hotels in cities I would like to visit, I could endlessly read fictional novels of all sorts. I could browse my favorite outdoor clothing website and so on and so forth.

On the other side, we are not required to be a workaholic.

We can be spacious, we can experience ‘nothing to do’ and do nothing. Waiting in line at the checkout can be just that. We don’t need to check emails, read magazines or choose a candy bar.

Can you let your mind rest?

Author: The Green Dragon of Midcoast Maine

Mahayana Buddhist living in Midcoast Maine USA

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