Being Here

For a while I was lost,at sea, metaphorically.

Feeling better

Just seeing that I was adrift is great!

Late Fall is here. I have the wood stove going and it is working great.

I have a beautiful woman as my girlfriend, she is very challenging in a good way and brings me much joy.

I’m very thankful for her.

My living situation is a bit up in the air, yet new life actually beckons and calls me forth.

New adventures in discovering who I actually am.

There is goodness, boredom, regrets.

All of it, all over the place, yet I want to live fully and well.

I hate boredom and loneliness, yet it is a very real part of life

Writing is very important to me, it is one of the ways that I find myself, discover myself, create myself

So I will do so, as I see fit.


Author: The Green Dragon of Midcoast Maine

Mahayana Buddhist living in Midcoast Maine USA

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