Soft mind, Soft weather

For about a week now, we've had unremitting for here on the coast of Maine. It may be 70 degrees or 80 degrees, yet the fog remains. Sometimes off in the Sound, other times here on my doorstep enveloping everything, dripping from the eaves.

In such a way I find my mind. Here it is mid-July, my plans were for kayaking, swimming in the Ocean, Ponds and Rivers that surround me, but the cooling fog has lessened my desire for being enveloped in liquids.

Likewise my mind, my fanciful, ever active mind has relaxed a bit.
A bit of perspective has occurred; the urgent running around has devolved into a savoring of what is.
I am a deeply passionate man and now I find myself deeply passionate about the 'PRESENT'.
Echoes of the past are ever present though now they are not quite as vivid.

Why, I can not say
Just that it has occurred.


Author: The Green Dragon of Midcoast Maine

Mahayana Buddhist living in Midcoast Maine USA

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