Fourth of July, Independence

What does ‘Independence’ mean?

What does personal independence mean?

As we grow into ourselves what does true independence in ones life mean ?

How do we live our lives with others,  care for them, yet remain ourselves?

As a Buddhist, I work to develop tremendous compassion for others, yet I will not sacrifice my beliefs or my life for them, or perhaps putting it differently, I have not come up against an individual who warrants such a sacrifice.

Today my stomach is upset, yet my life is very, very good. All of my needs are more than met they are exceeded. The day is sunny and bright, birds are singing, all of my senses are working, ospreys fly high overhead carrying fish-a wonderful sight. My mind is strong and healthy. I live consciously, not just a robot mindlessly living through my day, not just reacting to the things around me.

I am able to see that much that I feel to be reality is actually an illusion.


Author: The Green Dragon of Midcoast Maine

Mahayana Buddhist living in Midcoast Maine USA

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