At Damariscotta River Association

This morning, early

I was surprised by a turkey booming out of a thick hedge of wild roses

Yelling ‘Get away!’  until I could tell what this large rustling noise,

this exploding brown mass heading right at me


Poor startled turkey did an abrupt 180 turn in the air

and flapped off into the trees.

At the Damariscotta Mills Fish Ladder the alewives were just beginning to work their way up the ladder a pool or two.

In the pool before,  gulls, comorants and fish hawks circled and dove for the beginnings of the fishy feast

Back at the DRA, a pair of nesting kingfishers were searching for smaller fare.

Bobolinks chortled away in the tree tops then disappeared into the taller grasses in the field.

These arrivals fill me with a pleasant joy of this ongoing season of Spring.

Author: The Green Dragon of Midcoast Maine

Mahayana Buddhist living in Midcoast Maine USA

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